Recently I have joined the "PyPa moderation team, and I'm currently helping with some project/file size limit for different PyPi projects.

In the past, I have helped some organizations like Data Umbrella, PyCon Latam, and other communities.

You can find most of my community-related activities on my Github profile, and a few of them are highlighted bellow in more detail.

Organizations and Initiatives

PyCon Charlas is the Spanish track of the PyConUS conference, mainly focused in Spanish speakers, due to the importance of the language in the Python Community.

This initiative started in 2018, but I joined PyCon Charlas as a co-chair in 2022 together with Naomi, and Denny. In 2023 I continued together with Denny as main track organizers, in charge of both days of Spanish tracks in the largest Python conference in the world.

After the birth of the main idea behind Python en Español, we decided to setup a Discord server to gather the Spanish speaking Python community (more than 7500 people!).

My participation here has been mainly into the advocacy of the initiative, promotion in different communities, being in charge of the platform's bot and forming the coordination team, and the website. Additionally, I'm one of the moderators of the Telegram group.

I joined as an official member of Python España in 2020, after participating in some activities and organizing general programming events.

At the moment I'm actively participating in the official initiatives from the group, being part of the Communication and IT Working Group, and PyConES2023 organization team.

Together with 5 more people, we officially started the Python Chile community, joining efforts from groups in charge of different Python initiatives in Chile. We decided to formalize the group by doing our first event together, the PyDay Chile 2020, which was a real success (read more here). Many other events have been organized since then.

At the moment we have a community with more than 2500 people in different platforms, and a team of around 20 people actively helping with projects, events and initiatives to promote Python in Chile.

At the beginning of 2020 I discovered the Python Docs ES initiative thanks to a friend, and was motivated to translate one file from the C-API, because it was a topic related to my job.

After the first contributions, I really enjoyed the community and environment, and started to translate more files, help other people, and developing complementary solutions for the projects like a Telegram Bot, Github Webhooks, improving the Getting Started contribution page, and even record some tutorial videos.

PyLadies is a global organization in charge of empowering women and under represented groups in tech.

After participating in some events from the Berlin chapter, I was able to start helping the community as a mentor, and also with general discussion and organizational aspects of the group.